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Our Story

In 2012, Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation was founded with the goal of developing skilled professionals. Diploma Engineers, B.Sc. Engineers, Service Holders, Electricians, Technicians, and Vocational Students are all trained by our skilled engineers. MEIA’s Engineers have years of expertise working in a variety of reputable industries. All of the practical experience gained by our skilled engineers while working in various renowned Bangladeshi companies will be shared with the next generation of engineers at MEIA. MEIA has evolved into Bangladesh’s best and most advanced industrial training center over the last nine years, owing to the continuous development of technical professionals. A technical person will learn about the several types of industrial controlling circuits, basic to expert plc training, basic to expert frequency inverter training, and basic to expert Human Machine Interface (HMI) training here. Permanent trainers who provide training all day are only offered at MEIA. Only MEIA operates on their own personal property with the largest area and most advanced training facility amongst the commercial training canters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a result, MEIA will be a perfect platform for all technical professionals to obtain practical experience and strengthen their resumes by adding advanced industrial skills and experience..

Why We are different

MEIA is Bangladesh’s best industrial automation & PLC training center. We equip engineers with world-class industrial training program at a low cost. MEIA is by far the greatest institution in Bangladesh for diploma students to complete an internship. To provide industrial attachment training, we have the smartest and most experienced engineers in Bangladesh. MEIA is, without a doubt, Bangladesh’s best industrial automation training center for finishing Diploma industrial attachment. We have engineers with more than 28 years of industrial experience. These Engineers offer the best electrical engineering training courses in Bangladesh, as well as the best electrical engineering training in Bangladesh, based on their experience. MEIA has become a superior institution for completing an internship for electrical engineering students in Dhaka Bangladesh, as well as for other departments of both the Diploma and B.Sc. sector, due to having all of these skilled and experienced engineers as trainers

Our Instructors

Engr. Md. Halimuzzaman

B.Sc Engineer(E.E.E),RUET.
Sr.Manager(Maintenance and Utility)
Professional ABC Licence Holder
KAI Bangladesh Aluminium Ltd.
Altech Aluminium Industries Ltd.
Steel Tech Industries Ltd.
Paragon Ceramic Industries Ltd.
Papertech Industries Ltd
Industrial Job Experience of 25 years+
Email: halimuzzaman@yahoo.com, halimuzzaman1972@gmail.com

Chairman: Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation

Engr. Md. Abu Bakar Siddique

B.Sc Engr (E.E.E), AIUB
cell: 01861136616
Email: absiddique913@gmail.com
Managing Director: Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation

Engr. Ashraful Islam

B.Sc Engr (E.E.E), Uttara University
Industrial Job Experience of 7 years+
cell: 01738099065
Email: ashrafulmeitc@gmail.com
Director : Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation

Engr. Md. Sheik Al Amin

B.Sc Engr (E.E.E), DUET
Industrial Job Experience of 6 years+
cell: 01963271700
Email: shaikhamin.2002@gmail.com
General Manager: Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation

Mohidul Sarkar Mashfi

B.Sc Engr (E.E.E), EUB
cell: 01793964411
Email: mdmohidulsarkar@gmail.com
Asst.Manager: Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation

Mohammad Ibrahim Khalilullah

Diploma Engineer, Model institute of science and technology (mist)
Experience: Job Experience of 2 years+
cell: 01855877015
Email: ibrahim.khalil33150@gmail.com
Trainer: Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation

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