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Learn Diploma Industrial Attachment at Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation.
Best Diploma Industrial Attachment Training Center in Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Diploma Industrial Attachment — Introduction

Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) has authorized a 12-week Diploma Industrial Attachment Program for the diploma Graduates of Bangladesh [1]. Diploma Industrial Attachment Training Program aims at providing real-life job experience to diploma students. Apart from our regular professional training courses, “Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation” organize the biggest and the best industrial attachment training program in Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  

Diploma Industrial Attachment is basically a mandatory course for the diploma students to complete their four years Diploma in Engineering Course. Multipurpose Engineering and industrial automation tend to provide the best real-life working experience to the diploma 8th-semester students. We have all the latest industrial equipment along with the most experienced trainers in Bangladesh. So, to get real-life industrial training with years of experience, MEIA is the best choice for any diploma engineer. Moreover, the trainers of Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation are very intelligent, friendly, and cooperative. Students can bother them as much as they want regarding training-related issues. All these reasons made us the best Diploma Industrial Attachment Training center in DUET, Gazipur, Bangladesh.  

What is the Purpose of Diploma Industrial Attachment?

The Diploma Industrial Attachment program is tailored to help Diploma Engineers gain hands-on experience. It focuses on the industrial job environment. Diploma students will be learning about several types of machinery used in industries. Also, they will get training to withstand the harsh and rough industrial environment. They will get training to work under tremendous pressure.  

Most of the fresh Diploma Engineers lack real-life practical knowledge. All they learn during their diploma life is theory. Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation, the best industrial training center for Diploma students focus on comparing their theoretical knowledge to real-life practical scenarios. By attending the Diploma Industrial Attachment training program, a diploma engineer will open new doors of opportunities. Which will eventually help him reach his goals and become a successful engineer in his career.  

Training Programs available in Diploma Industrial Attachment

There are diverse topics a Diploma Engineer must cover before starting his career. Most of these topics are related to various industrial tools and equipment. A diploma engineer will usually spend a lot of time in the practical field. Logically, they will be doing most of the industrial chores. So, he or she must have a clear concept related to various industrial machinery.  

Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation have become the best place for completing the internship for diploma students in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Among many industrial attachment training programs available here, some popular courses are:  

  • House wiring and industrial automation  
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)  
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)  
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)  
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)  
  • Distributed control system (DCS)  
  • Electrical CAD  
  • Substation and Switchgear Protection   
  • Servo Drive & Motor  
  • Microcontroller and Embedded System  

House Wiring & Industrial Automation:

This is the most basic course for a Diploma Students. Before going to the advanced courses such as PLC Programming, VFD, HMI a diploma student must have a clear concept about industrial controlling.  

During house wiring Training a student will get training about various things. Such as how to connect your bulb, fan, regulator, calling bell, and other household apparatus to a switchboard. At Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation, students will complete all practicals physically. Students will be getting all the necessary electrical instruments to complete their class and connections. All these facilities made us the best industrial training center for diploma students in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  

After having detailed practical knowledge related to house wiring, students will be getting real-life practical circuits. Various industries are using these circuits vastly all over the world. Among these practical circuits are multistory fire alarms, three-phase motor control employing magnetic contactors, DOL starters, and Auto changeover/Transfer switches (ATS). Additionally, Motor Reverse Forward circuit (both auto and manual), Motor star Delta Circuit, Power Factor Improvement Plant Calculation and Design, and so on.  

These are the basics of industrial automation. Without these basics, a student cannot understand advanced industrial operations. Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation at Duet, Gazipur will describe these circuits in detail.  

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC):

Back in the ’90s, a PLC was also known as an industrial computer. Because like a computer PLC acts on logic and valid commands [2]. PLC is controlling and operating most of the machinery these days [3]. It also controls and monitors various kinds of load. At Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation, an electrical engineering internship in Dhaka will include complete PLC hardware. You will do the wiring, programming, and troubleshooting all by yourself.  

Unlike other training institutes, Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation do not use trainer boards. We will allow you to interact with your PLC hardwire directly. During your industrial attachment training term, a team of young and experienced PLC programmers will guide you.  

The Various PLC Models available at Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation are,

  • Siemens (logo, S7 200, S7 300, S7 1200, S7 1500)
  • Mitsubishi
  • LS
  • Omron
  • Delta
  • Fatek
  • Schneider
  • Panasonic
  • Allen Bradly

Variable Frequency Inverter (VFD)

To control the Revolution per minute (RPM), Rotation, and other specific operations of an induction motor we use VFD [4]. Revolutions per minute is the number of times around the circle you’ll have to change your direction in one minute. The letter r or ω designates a rotating speed unit (or rotational frequency). It manipulates the frequency to change the RPM of the motor. To manipulate the frequency, we must convert the AC supply to DC Supply inside the VFD. Otherwise, we cannot change the frequency according to our wishes. As we all know our Power distribution system has 220/440V and 50Hz fixed supply voltage and frequency. It is necessary to manipulate the frequency to change the RPM of the motor. VFD not only changes the frequency but also provides various types of protection to our motor.  

Multipurpose the best Diploma Industrial Attachment training center in Bangladesh will give you thorough knowledge related to VFD.  

The available VFD Models available at Multipurpose are:

  • Shihlin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Delta
  • Fuji
  • LS
  • Danfoss
  • Yaskawa
  • Teco
  • Siemens

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

HMI is the most advanced piece of technology used in any industry. It provides a nice graphical representation of your current controlling system. You can control and monitor all the loads in your electrical system. For PLC Controlling Purposes we use HMI. Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation in Gazipur has engineers and experts who know everything about HMI.  

The available HMI Models Available at Multipurpose are:

  • Delta
  • Mitsubishi
  • Siemens
  • Weintek
  • Proface
  • LS
  • Omron

Why you should prioritize Industrial Attachment Training? 

During the four-year Diploma course, a student learns a lot about machinery. It is a matter of sorrow that our current educational system does not comply with modern industries. We still could not upgrade our current course curriculum according to our current situation. So, most of our students lack the practical experience needed in the industrial field.  

During Diploma Industrial Attachment training, we will provide student’s real-life practical experience. Our experienced trainers will share the lessons they learned from working in various industries for several years. 
A diploma Industrial Attachment course will increase your practical experience. Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation the best Diploma Industrial Attachment training center will deliver all these facilities.  

What are the things to keep in mind before visiting an Industrial training center? 

The following are some of the things you should consider before enrolling in any training center:  

  • First, see if the directors or trainers of the organization are directly associated with any industry or are employed in any industry.  
  • The managers or trainers of the organization should have at least five years of industry work experience.  
  • The organization must have adequate inventory and keep an eye on whether there are up-to-date goods which industries are currently using.  
  • Make sure that there is enough space for everyone to learn to work together.  
  • Because load shedding is still an issue in our country so, you must ensure that your designated organization has 24-hour power supply before enrolling.  
  • If you are a distant student, make sure before you enroll that the institution you are going to enroll in has a residential arrangement for distant students. Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation is the only industrial training center in Bangladesh which have its own residential facilities.   
  • In the selection of institutions, you should give your priority to non-governmental over government organizations.  
  • You should not look for a cheap industrial training center, but you should look for a good and quality training center.  
  • There should be a professional training environment so that students can join the workplace directly.  

Those coming to Gazipur Duet Area for industrial attachment must know whether the institution offers year-round training. Because when the attachment batches return, many people open the training center, where there is nothing to learn. So, before you admit yourself anywhere else, you must know whether they provide training throughout the year or provide seasonal training. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

Diploma Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation is the best choice for diploma students who have finished the seventh semester. We are ideal for students who want to prepare for both DUET and industrial training. You will be gaining three years of industrial employment experience by practicing our courses.  

We have 27 years of experience with trainers who have worked in prominent industries around the country. An experienced engineer would understand the issues faced by freshly hired engineers and how to resolve them.  

You will have the opportunity to deal with all electronic devices and circuits required by engineers, from household to industry. Moreover, you will also be informed and taught at the beginning of each class what types of questions may be asked from a circuit. A student can get a full idea of Industrial Job-Related topics. By taking training In Dhaka’s best industrial training center for electrical engineers. 
At the end of the training, besides issuing certificates, we refer students to different institutions for jobs and if there is a vacancy in any institution, we also arrange direct jobs for the students there.  

Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation is the only Industrial training center in DUET, Gazipur which provides Certificate Online Verification System.  

For those who want to take quality industrial attachment training in the Gazipur area at a low cost, visit the best training center for electrical engineers today without any delay.  

Please click to watch a detailed video explanation of the Industrial Attachment Course Curriculum and the Topics you will learn.  

Diploma Industrial Attachment — Conclusion

In the current article, we have discussed Diploma Industrial Attachment and its importance. Things we need to bear in mind before starting our Industrial training. Also, some suggestions about which training center to choose for completing our three months Diploma Industrial Attachment course. Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation will leave no stones unturned to provide you with the best Diploma Industrial Attachment training service. 


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