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Bangladesh is a developing country. With the continuous development process numbers of industries are increasing as well. Almost all the industries run on PLC automation systems. PLC Automation Includes combining all the controlling devices into a single or Multiple PLC [1]. There can be various controlling devices such as magnetic contactors, relays, sensors, and other loads which include a coil. These controlling devices can be operated by PLC through PLC Programming. There are two kinds of control. One is Digital another is Analog. To operate a Digital load, you need to use a digital module and for controlling an analog load or operation you need to use an analog module. Almost every PLC brand has both its Digital as well as Analog modules. The various company uses a various brand of PLC’s. Among all the brands, Delta DVP Series PLC are very popular. There are various Delta PLC Types as well as Delta PLC Modules. We will discuss how Delta PLC has established itself in Bangladesh’s automation market. Dhaka’s best Delta PLC Training Center, Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation offers comprehensive Delta Automation training.

Delta DVP Series PLC — Introduction to Delta Automation 

The Origin of Delta Company is basically Taiwan. But most of us know it as a Chinese Brand. Which is totally false. Most of the automation companies of Bangladesh sell the copy Products of Delta Electronics. So, they try to frame it as a Chinese Brand. Delta PLC’s price is comparatively cheap than other PLC Brands. Although, some analog input modules of Delta PLC can be quite expensive. Also, it’s smaller in size with a compact design. All these reasons make the Delta DVP series PLC a wise choice for the automation engineers of Bangladesh. There are various PLC Models in the fleet of Delta DVP Series. Some popular Delta DVP models are Delta SS2 PLC, Delta DVP SX2, Delta DVP SX, Delta DVP SS etc. Along with PLC, Delta also provides VFD, HMI, and other automation products. Which are also gaining popularity in Bangladesh. The Delta Automation Training Center in Bangladesh will teach you everything you need to know.

How To Operate  Delta DVP Series PLC

Delta PLC operates similarly to other well-known PLC brands like Siemens, Mitsubishi, LS, Fatek, etc. We need PLC hardware, communication software, and communication cable. The software we will be using to operate our Delta PLC is known as WPLSoft [2]. There is another Software for operating Delta PLC which is Known as ISPSoft. Although ISPsoft is not as popular as WPLSoft [3]. The best part about WPLSoft is it’s free. Anyone can download and install WPLSoft from the official website of Delta Electronics. Moreover, the software is easy to install. Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation will walk you through the Delta PLC Software installation. You can also watch the WPLSoft Installation Process on our Official YouTube Page.

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To run our Delta PLC, we need to know a few WPLSoft operations like,

Selecting the correct Delta PLC hardware:

We must first identify our Delta PLC Hardware model number. Our Delta PLC Hardware contains the following information:

Delta DVP Series PLC training at Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation
Delta DVP 12 SE PLC

Now select this model in WPLSoft as shown below:

Our Delta PLC Software won’t work unless we pick the right hardware. As a result, there will be communication errors. And we won’t be able to operate our Delta PLC Hardware. Delta PLC Training in Dhaka from Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation will guide you through this process.

Developing a Ladder Logic: 

Ladder logic is basically a PLC Programming Language. A ladder diagram is required to control a load with a Delta PLC. Because our PLC does not understand any electrical diagram. PLC understands its own language only. Interested in learning more about converting electrical diagrams to ladder diagrams? To learn more, read our article ‘How to Learn Siemens PLC Very Easily & Quickly‘.

Writing a Program to Delta PLC

After Preparing a Ladder Logic in the Delta PLC we need to write the program to our PLC. To write the program to our PLC hardware we need a communication cable. Delta PLC basically supports 3 types of communication,

  • RS 232 Communication
  • RS 485 Communication
  • Ethernet Communication

After Connecting the communication cable to our PLC Hardwire, we need to follow the following steps,

PLC training in Gazipur at Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation will guide you through this phase. Buy our books on PLC, VFD, HMI Automation to learn more about Delta PLC.

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Reading a program From Delta PLC 

Often, we need to modify our previously uploaded program. We can read the program from our Delta PLC hardware using our RS232 Delta PLC Communication Cable. For reading the program from Delta PLC Hardware we need to follow these steps,

Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation offer Delta DVP Series PLC training in Dhaka.

Delta DVP Series PLC Wiring Procedure 

The hardware wiring is critical for any PLC brand, as we have stated previously. We can easily understand the wiring diagram of Delta PLC. Yet, we need to be careful while wiring our Delta. Most Delta DVP Series PLC follows the same hardwire wiring which is given below.

Delta DVP Series PLC — Input Wiring 

Delta DVP Series PLC training at Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation
Delta PLC Input Wiring [4]

Delta DVP Series PLC Sink and Source Input Wiring

Sink Wiring: Sink Wiring occurs when 24V positive will connect to the S/S terminal and 0V negative will provide a negative signal.

Delta DVP Series PLC training at Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation
Delta PLC Sink Wiring [4]

Source Wiring: Source Wiring is when 0V negative will connect to the S/S terminal and 24V positive will provide a positive signal.

Delta PLC Source Wiring [4]

Delta DVP Series PLC Output Wiring 

Delta DVP Series PLC training at Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation
Delta PLC Output Wiring [4

Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation has an extensive understanding of Delta PLC Wiring.

Delta DVP Series PLC —  Analog Programming

Like other PLC brands, Delta PLC supports multiple Analog Input Modules. We can employ both digital and analog inputs and outputs for our automation process. Analog input voltage is 0 to 10V and current is 4 to 20ma for Delta PLC analog programming [5]. Some Delta PLC hardware has built-in analog input and output I/O whereas others require a Delta PLC extension module.

The Delta analog input module of Delta PLC is sometimes more expensive than the CPU. There are other special modules available for Delta PLC Analog Programming. Delta Load Cell Module is one of those special kinds of modules. A Delta load cell module can transform physical pressure into an electrical signal. The finest Delta PLC training center will teach you effective Delta PLC Analog Programming.

Delta DVP Series PLC Analog Input and Output Scaling

Like every other PLC, Delta PLCs also need to have scaled. We can not control or operate our PLC Analog Extension Module without Scaling. We talked about Scaling in our Previous blogs. To know details about scaling please visit our previous blog.

Delta DVP Series PLC — PLC extension Module

Delta DVP Series PLC uses various extension modules for various controlling processes. They are mostly utilized in PLC analog programming. Various extension module serves various purposes. Some popular Delta PLC Extension Modules are:

  • Digital Modules: Supports both digital input and output.
  • Analog Modules: Supports both analog input and output.
  • Load cell Modules: It has dual-channel high-speed accuracy.
  • Temperature estimation Modules: Supports all kinds of RTD and Thermocouples.
  • Network Modules: For connecting Ethernet, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, RS 485, RS 422, and so on.

Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation in Dhaka would properly train you about these Delta PLC expansion modules.

Delta PLC Analog input Module 

Delta PLC Analog Input Module is a device to control analog entities. There are various analog signals. Temperature, Pressure, Frequency, and Resistance are common analog signals used in Delta PLC analog programming. The Analog Extension Module of Delta PLC converts analog signals to digital signals. Dhaka’s top Delta PLC Training Center will teach you everything about Delta PLC Analog Input Module. 

Delta PLC Analog input Wiring 

The Delta PLC features several entities that can be utilized as analog inputs in various situations. Among the most common inputs are:

  • Voltage input
  • Current input

The Delta DVP SX2 Series PLC features built-in analog I/O channels. We need to connect our analog input to the input channel and calibrate it. The wiring procedure of Delta PLC analog input is given below

Analog Voltage input wiring 

Delta PLC Voltage Input [6]

For the voltage input wiring, we need two ports
V+ = the positive part of the analog voltage input will connect here.
COM= the negative part of the analog voltage input will connect here.

Delta DVP Series PLC — Analog Current input Wiring 

Delta PLC Current Input [6]

For the current input wiring, we need three ports
V+ & I+ = The analog current input connects to both V+ and I+ ports.

The Delta PLC’s analog current input won’t work if it’s connected to only I+.
COM= the negative part of the analog current input will connect here.

You will learn Delta PLC analog programming and wiring in Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation.

Delta DVP Series PLC — Analog Output Wiring 

The input and output of Delta PLC are almost identical, but the wiring process is a little bit different. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Like input Delta PLC analog output has two entities

  • Voltage
  • Current

Analog Voltage Output Wiring 

Delta PLC Voltage Output [6]

For the Wiring of Voltage Output, we need two ports
V+= This port requires the positive analog voltage output.
COM= This port requires the negative end of our analog voltage output.

Analog Current Output Wiring 

Delta PLC Current Output [6]

For the wiring of Analog Current output, we need two ports only

I+= we need to connect the positive part of our analog Current output in this port. 

COM= we need to connect the negative part of our analog Current output in this port. 

Delta DVP Series PLC — Conclusion

We have discussed Delta DVP Series PLC. The operating Procedure of Delta PLC Software. As well as the reading and writing Process of Delta PLC hardware. Finally, we have taken a little bit idea about Delta PLC Analog Programming. Delta PLC Analog input & output Wiring. PLC Automation plays a vital role in the fields of automation. We will do our best to provide Delta PLC Programming Training.


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