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In this article, we will talk about PLC, especially Siemens PLC. A brief about operating a PLC, PLC programming. Then we will talk about the popular usages of a Siemens PLC. Additionally, advantages and limitations of a Siemens PLC.

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PLC has become a part of every modern industry. Although there are various brands that manufacture PLC, Siemens was the first company that introduced Bangladesh to PLC automation. In fact, 80% of the industries of our country currently have a Siemens PLC-based automation system. So, the technical professionals in our country must have a clear concept about the Siemens PLC-based automation system.

Best Siemens PLC Training Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh

What is PLC?

A programmable controller (PLC) is a device that can be programmed to control other devices. A PLC constantly monitors the status of input devices. And it controls the state of external devices using logic-based decisions based on user-created programs. 

PLC is a programming device which is used for making our modern industry more dynamic and efficient.

Engr. MD. Abu Bakar Siddique

Installing and programming programmable controller devices is effortless. For efficient installation of input and output devices, most PLCs feature quick-release type screw connectors. In most situations, PLC editing features allow program modifications, revisions. Additionally, loading operations are to be completed in seconds. PLC systems are flexible, meaning that input and output devices can be swapped and replaced as needed[1].

There are many features of a PLC. These include Input/Output, Memory, A programming Mechanism, a CPU, and a Power Supply are equally important for a PLC.

How to Operate a Siemens PLC?

A clear concept of Industrial Controlling is a must to learn Industrial Automation. Moreover, knowledge of various programming languages of PLC & wiring of a PLC is also needed. Additionally, reading the manual of a PLC brand. Last but not least, one must know how to operate the operating software of a PLC. Now we will talk about these steps.

Learn Industrial Controlling Easily?

Industrial Controlling includes all kinds of wiring (house/industrial wiring). For instance, people must know the specification, selection & connection procedure of Magnetic Contactor. Similarly, Relay, various types of Timers, Sensors, etc. Similarly, people also must know about the controlling as well as the power circuit of the motor.

How to Learn Various PLC Programming Languages?

One needs to learn the languages needed to program a PLC such as Ladder Diagram (LD), Structured Text (ST), Instruction List (IL), etc. 

PLC is a programming device. So, people must learn the languages needed to operate this device. Without having a clear concept about these languages, operating a PLC is not possible. There are various languages to operate a PLC, but “Ladder Diagram” is the most popular of them all.  

Electrical diagrams show the physical connections and configuration of an electrical system or circuit. It shows the interconnection of electrical wires and where fixtures and components can be connected to the system.

Before starting learning about ladder languages, knowing about basic symbols is a must. By combining those symbols, we can easily convert an Electrical Diagram to a Ladder Diagram.

The graphical representation of an electrical control system using fewer sophisticated symbols is known as a ladder diagram. When compared to an electrical control diagram, it is simpler to comprehend. It is mostly employed in digital automation systems.

Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation will hold on to its title as the best PLC training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And will provide detailed knowledge about Ladder Diagrams.

Wiring a Siemens PLC?

Correct wiring of input and output is needed for successful PLC operation. It may sound easy. But it is a very crucial part. Because of a mistake in the wiring process, there will be chances of damaging the motherboard of the PLC. Specifically, the motherboard of the PLC contains sensitive devices like Integrated circuits, capacitors, etc. The wiring diagram for both input and output of a PLC resides in the manual. Below a wiring diagram of Siemens s7 200 PLC is given,

Wiring Diagram of Siemens S7 200 PLC[3]

This exact diagram needs to be followed for wiring the Siemens s7 200 PLC. Otherwise, hardware damage of PLC is imminent. These PLC wiring diagrams are in our PLC book. The book contains wiring diagrams of all the popular brands of PLC available in Bangladesh.

We will guide you step by step about the wiring procedure of every PLC brand available in Bangladesh.

How to Read the Manual of a Siemens PLC?

Every PLC brand has its own manual about its PLC hardware. It contains the wiring procedure of PLC, various programming commands of PLC. Also reading-writing procedure from PC to PLC and vice-versa, etc. Hence before starting to work with a PLC brand, knowing how to read the manual of that specific brand is a must.

For example, start with the table of contents. A Siemens PLC manual contains 500/700 pages on average. However, we do not have to go through all the pages. From the table of contents, we need to find out the wiring procedure, reading from Siemens PLC, write to Siemens PLC, and communication protocol.

We, the best Siemens PLC training institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh will direct you step by step about understanding the manual of any PLC brand.  

Using the Operating Software of a Siemens PLC?

One must have the operating software of the PLC he is going to work with. The hardware of a Siemens PLC is completely useless without the software. Every brand of PLC has its own software to work with. In the Software, you will do the programming using various programming languages we mentioned above. In fact, for Siemens S7 200 PLC, the software we are going to use is “Step 7-micro/win V4 SP9”. It is for Windows 10.

Please note that Siemens S7 200 software does not work on every version of Windows. It was designed for Windows 7. However, the latest version works with Windows 10 as well. Now, from our PLC Book, we will see the operating and communication process of Siemens S7 200 software. 

Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation is renowned as the best Siemens PLC training center in Dhaka. Because of having a precise knowledge about the PLC software.

We will provide you with the necessary software needed to operate your Siemens PLC hardware. We have paid software to operate the following Siemens PLC hardware: siemens S7 200, S7 300, S7 1200, S7 1500, etc.

  • For transporting goods by using a conveyor belt system.
  • Food and Beverage Packing System as well as labeling.
  • Filling System for Bottles or Liquids on Demand
  • Transporting through escalator or alleviator
  • Overhead Moving Crane Control System for Industrial Cranes
  • For glass production and data recording
  • For manufacturing pages, books & Newspaper in paper industries.
  • Cement Industries for producing or mixing the proper quality and quantity of raw materials, as well as data correctness.
  • Water Pump Monitoring and Control System for Automatic Drainage
  • Control System for an Industrial Machine based on Time and Count.
  • Using the sensors as input to the PLC system, a temperature controller or humidity controller can be developed.
  • Industrial Machine Fault Detection and Protection, such as an Induction Motor
  • Wind Turbine System for Maximum Efficiency, Data Collection, and Safety
  • The Sequence of Conveyors and Interlocking Procedure are controlled by the Conveyor Belt System.
  • Boilers, ball mills, coal kilns, shaft kilns, and other energy management systems
  • Controlling the Purging Procedure in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • In underground coal mines, as well as in water level sensing and data collection.
  • Monitoring and detecting faults in the Smart Grid System.
  • It is employed in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity.
  • Auto Assembly Line System in the Power Substation.
  • Automating the operation of some electrical equipment (such as circuit breaker tripping and capacitor switching).
  • Detect a single-phase or three-phase sequence.
  • PLC is required in an Oil and Gas Automation Power Plant for Valve Switching for Fuel Changeover, Pilot Light ON or OFF, Flame Safety Checking, Oil Filtering Procedure, and other tasks.

Advantages of Using a Siemens PLC

  • Very quick & Efficient.
  • It can be linked with MYSQL/OPC UA/MQTT for gathering real time data in industries[4].
  • Greatly available in the market of Bangladesh.
  • Flexible logic that is easy to update.
  • Because there are no moving parts, it is extremely reliable.
  • Power usage is low.
  • Because of the modular design, maintenance is a breeze.
  • Diagnostic and fault-finding capabilities.
  • Capable of performing extremely complex logic computations. 

Limitations of Using a Siemens PLC

  • Connecting cables requires far too much effort.
  • It is difficult to make modifications or replace items.
  • Finding faults is always challenging. It also necessitates a skilled workforce.
  • Some operating software’s are difficult to find.
  • Some operating software’s are too expensive.
  • When an issue arises, the delay is indeterminate and frequently long.

Why will you take Siemens PLC training from Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation? 

The best thing about Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation, we don’t train in batches. You can attend your class according to your suitable time. This is by far the greatest opportunity provided by any training center in Bangladesh.

Also, we do not train in trainer boards. Our Management directly hands over the Siemens PLC hardware to their student which helps our students to gain more practical knowledge and the confidence of physically working with the PLC hardware.

Moreover, our trainers will provide our students with the paid software which is used to program the Siemens PLC hardware. We have Step 7, Tia Portal version 13 to 17, Wince Flexible, Simatic Manager, Simatic S5, and so on.

There are many Siemens PLC hardware available in our fleet. Namely, PLC S7 1200, PLC S7 200, PLC S7 300, PLC S7 1500, Logo, and so on. You have multiple options to choose from or you can choose all of them. 

What are the benefits of taking PLC training at Multipurpose?

  • Batch Free Training System.
  • Flexible Timing
  • Modern lab facilities and equipment.
  • Free Software’s.
  • Lifetime membership.
  • Trainer board free training.
  • Professional PLC course curriculum.
  • Lifetime membership.
  • Online certificate verification.
  • Experienced and Professional Trainers.
  • Separate toolbox for every student.
  • Separate PLC for every student.
  • Free WIFI
  • Big and spacious training room.
  • 24/7 electricity.

We Have What You Need

Industrial Automation Book: The Industrial Automation book is about conventional industrial control. This book contains the specification, selection, etc. It also contains connection diagrams of Magnetic Contactors, Magnetic Relays, etc. Additionally, various types of timers, sensors, etc. Without the knowledge of these things, we cannot understand industrial control properly. Moreover, this book contains the controlling & power diagram of DOL Starter, Star-Delta etc. It also contains Reverse-Forward, ATS, Power factor improvement plant design, and so on.

PLC, VFD, HMI Automation Book: The PLC, VFD, HMI Automation book contains detailed information on various brands of PLC, VFD & HMI. This book has details about PLC wiring, reading, and writing process. Also, it contains simulation and communication processes. This book covers detailed information about Siemens, Mitsubishi, Delta, LS & Omron PLC. Similarly, it contains the explanation of multiple commands. Practical examples are also given to practice using those commands.


Finally, after reading all the discussion above we can clearly understand the significance of PLC in our modern Industry. It is a matter of sorrow that none of our educational institutions provides any course based on PLC automation.

Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation was established with a view to helping the technical people of Bangladesh. We help them to reach their full potential. Having Proper knowledge of PLC will open new doors of possibilities to the engineers of this generation.

We are the best PLC training center in Bangladesh. And we will make sure the technical professionals of this country get in-depth knowledge. So that, they can operate any kind of PLC. Hence, obtain a respectful position in the electrical and maintenance sector of any kind of industry. 


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