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Industrial Substation Maintenance

BDT 10000

Class 1: Single Line Diagram Preparation for Sub Station

Class 2 : HT Fuse Capacity Selection For 11KV Line

Class 3 : HT Cable Selection for 11KV Line

Class 4 : VCB/LBS Ampere Capacity Calculation Procedure

Class 5 : Transformer Capacity Selection

Class 6: Transformer Maintenance Procedure

Class 7: Transformer oil treatment Procedure

Class 8: Name and Application of different parts of transformer

Class 9: Transformer Cooling Procedure

Class 10: Bucholz Relay Familiarization

Class 11: Air circuit breaker (ACB) Capacity Selection as per industrial load

Class 12: LT Cable Selection As per Demand Load

Class 13: Air Circuit Breaker Connection & Troubleshooting Procedure

Class 14: Power Factor Improvement Plant Calculation and Selection Procedure

Class 15: Capacity Calculation Procedure of PFI Capacitor

Class 16: Power Factor Controller Connection and Programming Procedure

Class 17: Mesh Earthing Procedure

Class 18: Relay Co-ordination procedure

Class 19: Megger Testing procedure

Class 20: Earth Testing Procedure


Class 22: Trouble Shooting Procedure from Transformer

Class 23: Trouble shooting procedure for PFI Plant

Class 24: Distribution Panel and MCCB Breaker Selection Procedure

Class 25: Name and Approximate Price of Power Factor Capacitor, Power factor Controller, VCB, ACB, MCCB etc

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